gt-mobisim 6.0

Generate mobility traces for mobile objects moving in a road network
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You can change the # of objects in the config file. However, the trace file is not overwritten/regenerated if it already exists. If you change the # of objects in the config file, but use a trace file that was generated with a different # of objects, some objects might not have traces, which can cause an exception.

Main Features:

- generate mobility traces for mobile objects moving in a road network

- 100k objects, 10 minutes, flowing traffic speeds, velocity step-function representation, continuous time (no sampling) => ~235 MB trace

- simulation driven by an xml configuration file

- can be run as a text-mode only batch job (eg. on ssh-access-only Linux box)
- simple GUI, when running on graphical terminal

- vector map formats:

- ESRI Shapefile (.shp), eg. U.S. Census Bureau, TIGER/Line Shapefiles
- GlobalMapper-exported USGS data (.svg),

- various mobility models on road networks

- random waypoint
- random trip

- 3 ways to represent continuous-time traces

- location step-function
- velocity step-function
- acceleration step-function

- locations of mobile objects at any time instance (ie. continuous vs. sampled locations)
- conversion from continuous-time traces to periodically sampled location traces
- ability to specify various parameter distributions

- Gaussian distribution with mean & standard deviation min & max cutoff
- normal distribution with min & max

- generate query traces

- query creation
- query deletion

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